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We help our customers to be successful by offering a full spectrum of China services from sourcing existing products and custom manufacturing for your brands to quality control, warehousing and logistics.

Helping You in China

Sourcing and manufacturing is a complex process. We give service, support and solve problems so our customers can stop worrying about their China projects.

Attention to Details

Sourcing and manufacturing in China successfully is all about the details. Get the details right from the start and the process will be efficient and stress-free.

For Your Success

We are an essential part of our customer’s process. We love to create products in China that arrive in time so that our clients can deliver amazing products to their customers.

Futura Concept

China Services

We guide our customers through the process of getting quotes, evaluating factories, managing manufacturing complexities, shipping & transportation, administration and most of all ensuring goods arrive at the desired location in time.  

All this with the right price, quality and lead time.

China Product Sourcing

China Factory Sourcing

From Idea to Product

Custom Manufacturing

Quality Control

Negotiation with Suppliers

Warehousing and Consolidation

Shipping and Logistics by Air, Sea and Train

China Business Consulting

Who is Futura Concept

We are a Finnish and Chinese owned Hong Kong company with subsidiary companies in Mainland China. We are a proud team of sourcing agents and China manufacturing experts who has helped companies across the Europe, USA, South America and Africa to manufacture and source millions of products from China since 2005.

Our China based multicultural sourcing team of Western and Chinese nationals works closely with factories to manufacture your product and deliver it to you.

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